How many times have we heard of service commitments struggling to be filled? This is a continuing theme at all levels of NA service. Whatever the reason for this dilemma, it does not have to stay like this.

“Service...where the Steps meet the
Traditions and Concepts
on the road of recovery"

Our literature says that our primary purpose in Narcotics Anonymous is to “Carry the message to the addict who still suffers.” We do this by being of service. Service comes in many forms and can be undertaken by anyone. Often NA members will share about "being of service" in our regular meetings. When we are new, it's easy to wonder “exactly what does that means.” Though some NA service centers (such as the World Service Office) have special workers who are paid, the majority of tasks completed for NA are completed by individual members who
volunteer their time. Meetings don't just happen; we have to make them happen.

Why should I get involved in NA service?
This is easy to answer as “We only keep what we have by giving it away.” Our greatest tool for carrying out our primary purpose is the NA group, and without individuals doing service, the NA group would not survive. In our Basic Text it says that “Our survival is directly related to the survival of the group and the Fellowship”. We have also found that service is an integral part of personal recovery in NA and allows us to receive the full benefits that this program has to offer.

Our literature also says that “The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel”. You've probably heard NA members share about being involved in service is that they feel good about it. One of the things we learn in our recovery is that the core of our disease is self-obsession. Another thing we learn is that providing selfless service to NA.