GLASCNA Area Information

What does the Area look like?
The Area Service Committee (ASC) looks like a group business meeting. The elected  embers of the ASC are called "trusted servants" in NA. They have a Chairperson (also known as Facilitator), Vice-Chairperson (Co-Facilitator), Secretary, Co-Secretary, Treasurer and Co-Treasurer. One trusted servant position you will become familiar with as soon as you get a home group is Group Service Representative (GSR). This is an NA member that is elected to represent your home group at the ASC meeting. GSR's carry the conscience of their home group at the ASC. These GSR’s form the foundation of our service structure. GSRs provide constant, active influence over the  discussions being carried on within the service structure. They do this by  participating in Area Service Committee meetings, attending forums and assemblies at both the area and regional levels, and joining in the work of an ASC  subcommittee. If we are vigilant in choosing stable, qualified leaders at this level of service, the remainder of the structure will almost certainly be sound. From this strong foundation, a service structure can be built
that will nourish, inform, and support the groups in the same way that the groups nourish and support the structure. They
are also responsible for reporting the actions and activities of the ASC back to the members of their home group. Areas
also have a Regional Committee Member (RCM) and an alternate (RCMA) who represent their area at a Regional Service Conference (RSC). Their responsibilities include communicating area concerns to the RSC and informing their respective area of activities happening around the region to help foster unity. Clear, concise  communication are essential to the survival of NA as a whole.